UV Curing Machine

Cylindrical UV Curing Machine 200PY

Cylindrical UV Curing Machine
Cylindrical UV Curing Machine
Cylindrical UV Curing Machine
Cylindrical UV Curing Machine

This UV Curing machine is mainly used for the curing of printed UV ink on various surfaces such as bottles and cylindrical articles. It can also be used for the curing on flat surfaces by adjust the irradiation angle of the lamps, which is specifically suitable for tubes, cans, PCB or bottles made by plastics, Metal, Glass, PP material etc.

  • UV drying for round bottles and plane products.
  • Cylinder products increased the effect of light.
  • UV Drying of products according to size, material, adjust the speed conveyor belt.
  • With reasonable cooling system to prevent excessive temperature of the working chamber resulting in deformation of the product, meanwhile extend lamp life.
  • A closed-end structure occupies a space is small, high efficiency.
  • Aesthetic appearance, apply a wide range, solid-effective.
  • The light intensity is set for different types of products.
  • Stainless steel conveyor belt of high hardness, precision production, resist to High Temperature.
  • Step-less speed adjustment to match with different bottles.
Model TX-UV200PY
For cylindrical substrate ∮200*300mm
Curing width 200mm
Conveyor speed 1-10m/min
Speed control Electonical stepless adjustment
UV Lamp power 5KW/380V
Conveyor motor capacity 60W/1P/220V
Total Power 5.4KW
Gas consumption 78Litres/min
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2500 mm*900 mm*1350 mm
Weight 180KG

UV Curing Machine With Forced Air


This TX-UV series of light-solid machine is irradiated with strong ultraviolet light from a special UV light source. It expose to the surface of the workpiece with the photosensitive printing material to achieve rapid curing (the emission spectrum of the lamp is consistent with the absorption spectrum of the printing material). The cured film has certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and certain adhesion strength. This machine is mainly used for the curing process of light-curing screen printing inks such as sanding, refraction, wrinkles, crystal, UV optical axis, etc. Widely used in clothing thermal transfer film, tobacco and alcohol, wine labels, cosmetics, health products, blessings, calendars and other packaging.

  • Two sets of UV lamps which can be independent controled.
  • High quality special teflon convey belt operating stable and free of noise.
  • Adopts stepless speed regulation running motor that is steady running, small noise.
  • Spotlight design using high reflect reflectors for instantaneous flash drying.
  • Adjustable height of the lamps and baffes at inlet.
  • Each lamp is equipped with a current indicator, which can show the running situation correctly.
  • Lamps radiate heat can be exhausted by cooling fan during working so as to keep operating conditions.
  • Compact Size, Environmentally friendly, Easy operation, Stable operation and longlife.
Model TX-UV800A Workpiece size 70mm
Width of belt 800mm Speed of belt 1-30m/min
Speed regulation Electron stepless speed regulation Lamps power 380V/5.6kW*2sets
Conveyor belt motor power 60W/1P/220V Total power 11.3 kW
Dimension 2500mm*1000mm*1150mm Weight 260kg

Barrel Curing Machine


This machine is used whenever there is a need for curing and drying of inks, adhesives and coatings. UV-cured adhesive has become a high-speed replacement for two-part adhesives, eliminating the need for solvent removal, ratio mixing and potential life concern. It is used in the screen printing process where the UV curing systems are used to cure screen-printed products. This is mainly used for the curing of UV inks printed on various bottle, barrel and planar and curved surfaces.

  • The primary advantage of curing finishes and inks with ultraviolet light is the speed at which the final product can be readied for shipping.
  • In addition to speeding up production, this can also reduce flaws and errors as the amount of time that dust, flies or any airborne object has to settle upon the object is reduced.
  • This can increase the quality of the finished item, and allow for greater consistency.
  • The other obvious benefit is that manufacturers can devote less space to finishing items, since they don’t have to wait for them to dry.
  • This creates an efficiency that ripples through the entire manufacturing process.
Model TX-UV300PY Max optical firmware size Φ300*300mm
Width of belt 300mm Speed of belt 1-10m/min
Speed regulation Electron stepless speed regulation Light power 5KW/380V
Conveyor belt motor power 60W/1P/220V Total power 5.4KW
Dimensions 2500*900*1350mm Weight 380kg
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