Screen Oven


Circuit Board, plastic, PCB, Ceramic color paper, Metal nameplate ,and other product’s roast.


  • Stainless material prevents internal corrosion and allows long durability.
  • PID temperature control allows constant temperature distribution.
  • Side- to-side circulation of hot air maintains constant temperature distribution in the vertical direction.
  • Has a filter mounted at the air inlet.
  • Temperature display function (high, medium and low).


Name Precision Drying Oven
Model TX-HX1350
Inner Size (L*W*H) 900*1200*1600mm(drying rack size)
Outside Size (L*W*H) 1080*1560*2250mm
Working Temperature 150℃ (normal temperature)
Max Temperature 180℃(adjustable 0-180℃)
Temperature (in the oven) ±3℃

Electric Section

  1. Working Voltage: 380V /50HZ.
  2. Digital intelligence temperature control meter,PID adjust.
  3. AC contactor controlled.
  4. Constant temperature timing setting.
  5. Alarm function
  6. Low-voltage apparatus adapts name brand “Chint” or “Delix”.

Heating Section

  1. Heating mode:set evenly by two sides.
  2. Heating component:stainless heating rod.
  3. Heating power:18KW.


  1. Crust:adopt 1.2mm thickness cold-rolled steel sheet,the surface is paint drying.
  2. Workshop:adopt 1mm stainless steel.
  3. The bottom is fla with two groove,making it convenient to let drying frame in and out.

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