Roll To Roll Ribbon Screen Printing


It employed full-computer color register and through machine, electrical and pneumatic integration automatic control. With high precision register . Specially print all kinds of fabric belt, rubber belt, woven label, leather and so on, has advantages of no fading, can print white ink on black material, especially suitable for deep background, large area ground printing, work wonders. According to the material of products and use, the product of the ink layer thickness, the color brilliance, fastness, gloss and patience, using different methods of screen printing and ink, can be automatic continuous printing in the whole type material


  • It employs full servo belt-drawing system and photoelectric cells which overcomes the traditional pneumatic machine defects like inaccurate registering resulted in air pressure.
  • The complete machine employs the Japanese programmable controller(PLC) to make the circuit of the controller simple, reliable and stable.
  • The printing unit with pneumatic controller is equipped with adjustable vacuum air-inhale system ,effectively upgrade the printing precision , also with blow system.
  • The scraper and worktable employ AIRTAC air-cylinder, servo motor control. cooperation with high precision straight guide rail, which enables it work much stable, safe and reliable.
  • The printing stroke and frame plate is adjustable, making it free to print different specifications and size materials.
  • Use hot air circulation drying series. Good drying effect and energy-saving.


Model 1 Color Machine 2 Color Machine 3 Color Machine 4 Color Machine 5 Color Machine
Printing Area (mm) 400 × 270 400 × 270 400 × 270 400 × 270 400 × 270
Mesh Size (L×W) (mm) 700 × 430 700 × 430 700 × 430 700 × 430 700 × 430
Overall Dimension 7m × 1.2m × 1.3m 9.5m × 1.2m × 1.3m 12.5m × 1.2m × 1.3m 15.5m × 1.2m × 1.3m 18.5m × 1.2m × 1.3m
Printing Speed 10m/min 10m/min 10m/min 10m/min 10m/min
Power (kw) 9.0 14.5 18.5 22.5 26.5
All Machines are belongs to TAOXING.

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