Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

Heat Press Machine for Printing Stickers


It applies for printing stickers, label and other small size material.

  • High pressure for professional printing.
  • Pneumatic operation.
  • Automatic operation.
Model CP815A
Power 110V/220V 1400W/1600W
Time Range 0s-999s
Temperature Range 0-250℃
Printing Size 38cm x 38cm(15″x15″)/40cm x 50cm(16″x20″)
Weight 46KG/102LBS 67KG/148LBS
Package 76x52x58cm/84x50x55cm

Heat Press Machine Commercial


It applies for printing clothes, ceramic tile, cushions, jigsaw and etc.

  • High pressure for professional printing.
  • Pneumatic operation.
  • Double plates.
  • Thicker heating plate.
  • Hydraulic pressure.
Model FZLC-B2 FZLC-B2-2 FZLC-B2-1
Power 110V/220V 1400W/1600W 110V/220V/380V 1400W/1600W/2000W 110V/220V/380V 1400W/1600W/2000W
Time Range 0s-999s 0s-999s 0s-999s
Temperature Range 0-250℃ 0-250℃ 0-250℃
Printing Size 38cmx38cm(15″x15″) 40cmx50cm(16″x20″) 40cmx60cm(16″x24″) 50cmx60cm(20″x24″) 38cmx38cm(15″x15″) 40cmx50cm(16″x20″) 40cmx60cm(16″x24″) 38cmx38cm(15″x15″) 40cmx50cm(16″x20″) 40cmx60cm(16″x24″)
Weight 94KG/ 207LBS 132KG/ 291LBS 150KG/ 330LBS 170KG/ 375LBS 130KG/ 287LBS 150KG/ 331LBS 170KG/ 375LBS 140KG/309LBS 150KG/375LBS 190KG/419LBS
Package 98x84x60cm/ 121x85x62cm/ 138x85x62cm/ 167x90x62cm 92x82x145cm/ 119x79x144cm/ 141x81x125cm 92x82x145cm/ 119x79x144cm/ 141x81x125cm
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