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Orion: 4/6/8 color manual machine, completely designed, built and assembled in Italy. The Orion manual screen printing machine is suitable for printing samples and short runs. Orion has a robust structure in order to allow precise adjustments and to be able to keep them in the printing phase.

Standard aluminum frames can be used; the interchangeability of the frames between the automatic and manual machines reduces waste of time and increases productivity. Orion is also equipped with a doctor blade holder that allows you to lock the doctor blade after printing.


  • Independent print units
  • Frame leads: adjustable, can be adapted on frames of different sizes
  • Frames locking / unlocking: by handles or through a pneumatic system (optional)
  • Micrometric frames adjustment: longitudinal and transverse adjustment control
  • Frames Rotation: clockwise and counterclockwise
  • A clutch system for frames rotation: allows to adjust the force required to rotate the frames
  • System for frames centering: just like on automatic machines
  • Bearings for frames centering
  • Off-contact distance: adjustable from 0 mm to 20 mm
  • Clutch for plans rotation release: it adjusts the force to effect the plans rotation.
  • Rotation printing plans: clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Longitudinal adjustment of the printing plans


Orion ORC-4 500 x 700 cm 4
Orion ORC-6 500 x 700 cm 6
Orion ORC-8 500 x 700 cm 8
Front Register Control
Upper Register Control


All Machines are belongs to tek-ind.

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