Omega XS – Textile

Omega XS, semi-automatic screen printing machine, for single-color printing of fabrics, leather, etc. Omega XS consists of a printing unit with a central beam, the same as that used in the Alfa and Beta circular screen printing machines, the printing table moves laterally, available in the manual translation version and automated by piston. Omega XS is available in three print sizes 50×70, 70×100, 100×140 cm.


  • Number of printing units: 1
  • Squeegee / flood bar pressure and angle adjustments.
  • Adjustment of the printing stroke with micro limit switch
  • Squeegee / flood bar motorization by AC motors.
  • Linear guide, with exceptional performance and very low maintenance.
  • Pneumatic screen locking system
  • Honey-combed aluminium pallets featuring a high planarity
  • Intuitive “touch-screen” central control panel with integrated diagnostics
  • Possibility of mounting frames of different sizes.
Omega Textile Printing Unit
Printing Control Pannel
Movable Printing Pallet
Rear Screen Frame Lock

Application Details


Omega single-colour printing machine is a compact machine that can be used to make samples or small productions, the automatic printing unit allows uniformity of the prints made, a feature that is not always constant when sampling is carried out on manual machines, also use for printing medium and large formats dimensions that can hardly be printed homogeneously on a manual printing basis.

Printing Unit

The printing unit used is the same that is used in the Alfa and Beta automatic circular printing machines, it allows right / left pressure adjustments, squeegee and scraper inclination, external and internal machine out of contact adjustment and length and stroke speed adjustments.


The controls placed in front of the printing unit are as follows: raises and lowers the carriage, squeegee and scraper speed adjustment, print test, cleaning lift, stop and start sequence, the positioning of the print table is done manually, on request it is possible make it automatic.

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