Oblique Arm Screen Printing Machine


This flat screen printing machine is widely used in the packaging industry, such as cigarettes box, wine box, gift box, Also it is good to printing for the trademark, nameplate, ceramic decal, non-woven bag and so on.


  • Oblique arm structure. Independent drive of printing arm.
  • Vacuum stainless steel printing table and powerful vacuum pump.
  • Micro registration handle in horizontal and vertical direction make more precision and convenient color register.
  • Variable frequency drive system drives the printing head, respectively digital control of printing and ink reclaiming speed.


Model TX-XB5070 TX-XB7010
Max Printing Size 500 x 700mm 700 x 1000mm
Table Size 650 x 800mm 800 x 1100mm
Printing Thickness ≤30mm
Max Printing Speed 1000p/h
Power 2.2KW/220V
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.5-0.6
Outside Dimension 1500 × 950 × 1340mm 1900 × 1450 × 1400mm
Printed Sample
Printed Sample
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