Manual Paper Cutter

Guillotine Manual Paper Cutter


Manual cutting, transparent cover, anti-slide & stable, sharp blade, safety design.

  • Heavy-duty rack structural design.
  • Front & back defend cover.
  • Manual pushing paper with hand wheel.
  • Optical cutting line.
  • Manual pressing paper with hand wheel.
  • It is safer and comply with CE certification.
Model 4700 4300
Max.Cutting Width 470mm 430mm
Max.Cutting Thickness 80mm 60mm
Inclined Cutting Technology Yes Yes
Clamp Paper manual manual
Push Paper manual manual
Safety protective cover protective cover
NW. 75kgs 68kgs
GW. 96kgs 85kgs
Packing Size 910*840*690mm 855*740*660mm

Heavy Duty 500 Sheet Paper Stack Cutter With Stand


Heavy-duty rack structural safety cover, hand wheel with dimension mark.

  • Guillotine Paper Cutter.
  • Heavy Duty Paper Stack Cutter with Stand.
  • Stack Cutter.
  • Wood Paper Trimmer.
  • Acrylic Guillotine Trimmer.
  • Manual Ream Cutter.
Model 4300 Packing Size 855*740*660mm
Max.Cutting Width 430mm Max.Cutting Thickness 60mm
Clamp Paper manual Push Paper manual
Inclined Cutting Technology Yes Safety protective cover
Weight 68kgs G. W. 85kgs
All Machines are belongs to TAOXING.

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