IR Dryer

Drying Tunnel


This IR dryer applicable for rapid drying the solvent-based ink and products containing moisture.

  • The speed can be adjusted between 0-20M/Min according to the requirement of products.
  • Adopting the imported transmission belt, which is made of Teflon or stainless steel, that can stand of high temperature, stably transmission, shock-free, no-noise.
  • Adopt imported thermostat to ensure the stability and accuracy of temperature control.
  • Can save space and improving working efficiency.
Model TX-IR80L
Machine Size(L*W*H) 8000*1200*1350mm
Belt Width 800mm
Input Zone 0.5m
Drying Zone 6m(3section)
Cooling Zone 1m
Output Zone 0.5m
Speed 0~10m/min
Max Temperature 150 ℃
Heating Light Power 30kw
Conveyor Motor 1.5kw
Fans Power 2kw
Total 34Kkw(Working:12KW) 380V

IR Drying Machine


It suits rapid dry of solvents oil ink and water contained products, such as paper printing, chemical products, glass, PVC, metal etc.

  • According to the requirement of drying products, the speed of belt can reach 1-20M/min/
  • It adopts imported transmission belt that with stands high temperature. The speed is steady without crashing and noise.
  • The imported electrical thermal temperature can control temperature accurately.
  • It can save space and raise work efficiency.
Model TX-IR60L
Teflon Belt Width 60cm
Teflon Belt Length 3m
Transmission Speed 0-20m/min
Power 380V/7.5KW(50Hz/60Hz)
Room Temperature 300℃(adjustable thermal control)
Machine Size 3.1m*0.9m*1.1m
All Machines are belongs to TAOXING.

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