Graphite Coating Screen Printing


The unit is suitable for graphite coating of screen printing for plunger/piston/compressor which is high precision, wear resistance, coating evenly, and fully meet the standard. It can form high gloss and strong lubricating higher hardness film and it also lifelong.


  • Clean and sweep the machine before your using, lubricate guide rails, guide pillars, bearings, and some other moving parts.
  • The worktable is a pretty important part for the printing quality and should protect it from being hit by hard objects when the machine is working, we should make sure that the ink, banana oil and other organic solvent will not drip onto the machine.
  • Prevent the electrical control panel and keys from being damaged by banana oil and another solvent.
  • Clean the dirt inside the oil mist assembler as soon as possible, avoid contamination into pneumatic components, so as to affect the normal work.put lubricating oil into the oil mist assembler cup regular intervals.
  • Loosen the tightening nuts before adjusting the flow-limiting valve.
  • Turn off the power when you are off work, clean the screen.


Model TX-500S Max printing size φ50*160mm
Pressure 5 bar Voltage and power 220V/20W
Max printing speed 800 pcs/hr Max  screen frame 700*350mm
Max printing area 500*200 Printing length ≤250mm
Dimension(mm) 960*900*1380 Gross 120kg
High Precision Special Fixture
High Quality Servo Motor Drive
Typical Pneumatic Works With High Reliability
Compact Structure and High Efficiency
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
All Machines are belongs to TAOXING.

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