Fully Autometic High Speed Coating


The SGUV series is a practical fully automatic coating machine developed by our company, which is suitable for posters, books, brochures, color boxes, color box packaging, handbags, etc.


  • Paper pre-stacker, to realize non-stop paper feeding and receiving
  • High degree of intelligence, one-button start and acceleration, more convenient and efficient than traditional segmented control.
  • The shaft head is 55mm large, which is more stable and firmer than the traditional 35mm under high speed, without deformation, and good coating effect.
  • Synchronous belt transmission, the equipment is more stable, no jitter. The surface texture effect will be better in high-end products.
  • The oil guard has high precision, and it is more difficult for water to enter the bearing than the traditional one.
  • The air knife is easy to operate. High-precision correction, tight on both sides, no slight soft deformation and damage to the mesh belt.


Model SGUV-1200A SGUV-1200A-L
Max Sheet Size 1200 x 1000mm 1200 x 1450mm
Min Sheet Size 300 x 300mm 300 x 300mm
Sheet Weight 80-450g/m2 80-500g/m2
Speed 0-80m/min 0-80m/min
Power 50Kw 50Kw
UV Lamp 3pcs x 9.75Kw 3pcs x 9.75Kw
IR Lamp 18pcs x 1.5Kw 18pcs x 1.5Kw
Paper Feed Heigh 1100 1100
Paper Stack Height 1050 1050
Weight 65000kg 67000kg
Dimension 16500 x 2050 x 2000mm 17500 x 2050 x 2000mm

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