Far Infrared Autometic Moving Dryer

Common Dryer Feature:

  • It is suitable for screen printing factory, automatically runs and dries.
  • It is specially designed for thermosetting ink and plastisol, good effects, fast speed and convenient.
  • No need to manually move its positon. Automatic drying directly, saving labor and replacing traditional artificial blowing procedure. It is ideal drying equipment in a modern printing factory.

High-grade Dryer Feature:

  • The vacuum tube make the heat of lamp all released within 3 seconds, can choose a unilateral or bilateral fever.
  • Microcomputer control the whole machine.
  • Baking time can be set for each location of printing.
  • It can choose the flash drying or long-time baking.
  • Smooth running speed. More energy-saving then ordinary automatic moving dryer.

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