Electric Paper Cutter

Small Electric Paper Cutter


Electric Paper Cutters ideal for print shops, copy shops, or binderies, these cutters will transform any paper processing job into an easy task. With a push of a button, you’ll be able to cut through 200 or 780 sheets of paper at a time, in various widths and lengths.

  • Roulette paper, manual push paper.
  • CE standard design, front infrared grating safety protection, in line with product safety requirements.
  • Import the main motor, to provide strong power.
  • Double guide rod push paper structure, to ensure the precision of push paper, standard double-side rail, to ensure cutting requirements.
  • Double button synchronous operation, reset protection circuit, in line with the safety operation requirements.
  • Digital display knife front and rear cutting size, male and British switching.
  • The use of peak blade, cutting knife durable.
  • Highlight the knife line indication, easy to cut.
  • Stainless steel operating platform, durable.
Model 7208DS
Cutting dimensions 720×720×80mm
Paper pressing method Roulette Type Press paper
Push paper mode Manual
Show Digital display
Paper Cutting method Inclined Knife
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