Disposable Cup Printing Machine

Printing Head
Printing Head
Operation Panel Micro-computer controls
Operation Panel


This machine is suitable for round and Oval surface printing, such as PP/PS/PET, Plastic cup, ceramic cup, stainless steel cup etc.


  • Adapt types of round, oval-shaped cups
  • Working table up and down
  • Facilitate to placement of the cups
  • High Precision axis control movement, the accuracy up to 0.02mm
  • Self-balance scraper technology and ink cover blade
  • Micro-computer control program
  • Built in four counts digital LED count
  • Printing Stroke mechanical adjustments, adjust the speed of integrated circuit digital.


Type TX250SO Voltage 220V/110V/50Hz/60Hz
Printing size Round: φ70*200(mm) Printing Diameter Full circle ø70 (mm) Circular arc 200 (mm)
Min.Screen frame 230*140(mm) Air Source 5bar 50 (L/min)
Printing stroke 250(mm) Dimensions 730*580*128(mm)
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
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