Cup Curved Screen Printing Machine


Surface printing at plastic package, glass bottle, stainless mug, fire-fighter, piston, paint barrel, etc.


  • Microprocessor control each function with high automation and easy operation.
  • 4-digit auto counter built-in.
  • Cylindrical/conical printing function available.
  • Auto ink squeegee and flooding, worktable elevating to assure easy operation and consistent print quality.
  • Printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different requirements.
  • Fine adjustment available on squeegee left/right position to make substrate alignment easy and exact.
  • Fine adjusted available on worktable up/down and plane angle, and frame front/rear, left/right and up/down with high printing precision.


Model 400S 600S
Max. Printing Area(mm) φ120*250 φ180*350
Max. Screen Frame (mm) 600*340 800*340
Min. Screen Frame (mm) 230×140 230*140
Printing Length (mm) ≤250 ≤250
Max. Printing Diameter (mm) Full circle ø120 Circular arc 200 Full circle ø180 Circular arc 500
Max.Printing Speed (cycles/Hour) 1200 1200
Gas Consumption (L/min) 70 70
Dimension (mm) 960*900*138 1580*950*1650
All Machines are belongs to TAOXING.

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