Cosmetic Bottle Screen Printing Machine


TX-250S Personalized Cup Printing Machine is suitable for round, cylindrical, Conical and Oval surface printing, widely apply in industrial products printing, like plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic cup, glass cup, mugs, cosmetic tubes, plastic bowl, container, stick, brush etc.


  • Microprocessor control, stable performance, simple operation.
  • Vertical lift structure, stable and high accuracy printing.
  • Adjustment of vertical / transversal / tilting direction are available.
  • Print stroke controlled with rodless cylinder.
  • Equipped with CEC shock absorber, precise and stable printing.
  • Adopt imported enduring bearings and axle sleeves, smooth running.
  • High precision axis control, printing accuracy up to ±0.02mm.
  • Screen frame angle & tilt adjustable.
  • Synchronized bottle inflation system with regulator.
  • Action model option: Automatic/semi-automatic/manual.
  • Scraper pressure control: constant pressure regulator.
  • Foot switch controlled.


Model TX250S Power Supply: 220V/110V/50Hz/60Hz
Max. Printing Area(mm) φ70*200 Max. Printing Diameter(mm)) Full circle ø70 Circular arc 200
Max. Screen frame(mm) 430*280 Capacity (cycles/Hr) 1200
Min.Screen frame(mm) 230*140 Gas Consumption(L/min) 50
Printing Length(mm) ≤250 Dimension(mm) 730*580*128
Pringing Head
Fixture Support
Fixture Support
Control System
Control Panel

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