Autometic Flatbed Screen Printing Machine

Auto Flatbet Top View


Automatic flatbed screen printer is the innovative high-tech automatic flatbed printing equipment. The machine upgrades the traditional manual flatbed printer with intelligent micro-processor and vivid touch screen display, it provides high-precision colors registration, stability machine moving, lowering the labor costs but upgrade print quality and increasing the production. The unit machine slight-weight is for easy operation.


  • Dual-track moving system to make stable movement, onboard self-diagnostic system and servo motor equipped to guarantee the high-precision positioning action.
  • Excellent squeegee/flood-bar working unit to ensure the screen frames’ easy change-over and freely ink load, colors registration is visible.
  • High speed and fast screen frames changeover, suit for quantity small but multiple colors request and high quality works.
  • Vivid touch screen display and intelligent micro-processor gives the machine more easy operation. Mechanical squeegee/flood-bar changeover and their pressure adjustment unit provide high and steady quality.
  • Squeegee/flood-bar’s speed, stroke length and its move numbers, capacity, real-time production data are displayed and can be set freely, low power consumption, less maintenance are possible.
  • Install an IR flash cure unit working together with the machine without any extra device is available.
  • The printer applies to do high color-to color registration printing on garments and leathers such as nylon, tetoron, micro-fiber twill, satin, PVC and PU, but also fitting on printing stationery, handbags, gift-boxes such as gift-boxes, decoration boxes, metal sheets, hard & soft plastic boards PVC, PP, PC, PET, EVA, APET, PETG fabric-boards, glass-plates and ceramics etc in multi-colors.
  • High print precision: ±05mm for multiple colors by more printer to finish and print speed up to 600pcs/h together with ferry station working time against the print size 50 X 70cm. Special printing size and flatbed size can be made according to customer requirement.
Printing Unit
Pringing Head
Screen Frame Locker
Printing Line
Drying Unit
Ferry Station

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