Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Sheet Stacker For Sticker, Transfer Paper Sheet


Sheet Stacker TX-SLJ650 accurately automates the sheet collection and stacking function after the sheet leaves screen printer, lamination sheeter, coater or any other processing machine. Sheets are stacked accurately in pallets, this reduces labour, saves time, money for organization.

Other Sheet Stackers: Stackers for lamination sheeter, UV, Aqueous, IR driers, creasing, perforating, powdering, sheet cleaning machines, etc.

  • Heavy duty frame structure.
  • Heavy duty pile lift system.
  • Digital sheet counter & RPM meter.
  • PLC based intelligent control panel.
  • Automatic pile down control with sensor.
  • Pneumatic side joggers.
  • Oscillating back joggers.
  • Standard design to attach with IR dryer, coating machine and other processing machines by all manufacturers.
  • Independent stacker drive with A.C variable speed motor.
Model TX-SLJ650 Drive Stepper motor 400W
Maximum Sheet size 480mmx650mm Feeder Pile Motor A.C 200W
Minimum Sheet Size 320mmx480mm Compressed Air Pump 370W
Stock Range 0.2~1mm Voltage 380V50/60Hz
Paper Thickness 100gsm~600gsm Power 2.0 kW
Stacker Pile Height 895±25mm Weight 100kg
Speed 1500pcs/hour Dimension 1150mm*1080mm*895mm

Fully Automated Heat Transfer Paper Screen Printing Machine


It is full-automatic screen printing press for heat transfer paper with large capacity up to 700PCS per hour that suitable for printing in bulk of high precision screen productions. This machine increases profits dramatically increases production, provides greater print consistency.

  • Adopting invert motor for side lifting printing table, servo motor drive the printing head by horizontal movement.
  • Printing head and screen frame are driven independently, servo motor controls the printing.
  • Printing knife drive by pneumatic control, independent digital control for stroke.
  • Operation model: manual/semi-auto/full-auto.
  • Digital control for Printing suspended time.
  • The lifting of printing head can be independently adjusted for convenience of cleaning Scraper and covering ink blade and screen mesh.
  • Easy to adjust the position of screen frame with the pneumatic and mechanical fixture.
  • Adopting digital control technology controlled the servo motor for stability and precision of feeding and delivering.
  • PLC programming, touching screen, simple to operate, easy to use.
Model TX-YKPZ-5070 Air source 0.5-0.8Mpa
Max. Printing size 500X700MM Power supply 380V/50Hz
Screen frame size 880X1200MM Air consumption 7L/min
Capacity 700P/h(feeder) 500P/h(manipulato) Power 6.5KW
Stacking height 600MM Unit weight 1600kg
Printing thickness 0.1-5MM Dimension L1850*W1720*H1950(mm)
Registering accuracy ±0.1MM Air source 0.5-0.8Mpa
Auto Printing Machine
Auto Printing Machine
Printing Head
Printing Head
Control Panel
Control Panel
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

Automatic Glass Printing Machine

Model TX-BL8020S Printing Thickness ≤50mm
Max printing area 800*2000mm Wash version of height 400mm
Size of printing table 1100*2300mm Power 14.2KW
Max size of screen frame 1100*2500mm Size of product 7300*1450*1700mm
Model TX-BL8016S Printing Thickness ≤50mm
Max printing area 800*1600mm Wash version of height 400mm
Size of printing table 1100*1900mm Power 14.2KW
Max size of screen frame 1100*2100mm Size of product 6500*1450*1700mm

Be applied to architectural glass, decorative glass and other glass printing.

  • Independent pressure regulator in various functional areas meets the needs of different products.
  • Modular design can be used to combine with other devices to form multi-colored manufacture lines.
  • Electric printer+ linear guide rail move up and down make the action fast and stable.
  • Automatic and manual mode selection makes the operation easier.
  • Scram button layout is reasonable, safe photoelectric timely protection.
  • Many auto multi Caijing tablet and arc bending combination production line solutions.
  • Segmented integration functions and industrialized design, pre-positioning on the feeding + cross-linked out-discharging convey test.
  • Three stations independent drive belt convey, integrated control system.
Model TX-BL8012S Printing Thickness ≤50mm
Max printing area 800*1200mm Wash version of height 400mm
Size of printing table 1000*1500mm Power 14.2KW
Max size of screen frame 1100*1700mm Size of product 5300*1450*1700mm
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