Autometic Cylinder Screen Printing

Printing Unit
Auto Registration
Pneumetic Lock
Printing Unit Up-Down Part
Input Balancing Unit
Auto Feeding Unit


It widely used on sheet paper, ceramics decals color paper, cigarettes and wine packing, heat transfer film,heat transfer paper, PVC plactic base, and so on.


  • Classical stop cylinder mechanism, cylinder stops step automatically to ensure the forehead of the printing stock can be sent accurately to the gripper of cylinder, which is up to extreme high precision; at the same time, gripper of cylinder and pull side-lay both have the magic eyes for supervising if the printing stock is in correct place, which can reduce the waster effectively.
  • The bottom of convey table with vacuum adsorption, assembled with the pull and press mechanism, ensure printing stock deliveryed smoothly.
  • Two cams separately control the movement of squeegee and ink-return blade; squeegee with the pneumatical pressure kept device, the printing graphics is more clearly and the ink layer is more well-proportioned.
  • The screen frame rack can be pulled out, which is easy for adjusting the register or feeding, as well as cleaning the cylinder and screen frame; at the same time, it is assembled with device to hold the ink dropped to avoid the ink drops on the cylinder.
  • Main transmission and main parts lubricate automatically, prolong the using precision and machine life in effect.
  • The whole machine controlled by PLC, can choose touch screen for operating, which is very easy and high degree automatism.
  • It can be used with CP Series screen drying machine, UV dryer, UV & IR dryer and automatic stacker to form the full automatic screen printing line.


Model TX-800SP TX-1020SP TX-1050SP
Max.printing size: 800*600mm 1020*720mm 1050*750mm
Min.paper size : 350*270mm 560*350mm 560*350mm
Max.paper size : 800*590mm 1020*710mm 1050*720mm
Border: < 10mm < 10mm < 10mm
Paper thickness : 108-400g/m2 108-400g/m2 120-400g/m2
Screen frame size: 1070x1070mm 1280x1140mm 1300*1170mm
Max.printing speed: 1000-3300pcs/h 1000-3000pcs/h 1000-3000pcs/h
Weight : 4000kg 5000kg 5200kg
Power (kw) : 3P4N 50/60HZ 380V 9kw 3P4N 50/60HZ 380V 15kw 3P4N 50/60HZ 380V 16.5kw
Dimension (LXWXH) 4350*2580*1680mm 4650*2800*1680mm 4650*2800*1680mm
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
Printing Sample
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