Auto Coating Machine

Output Stacker
Feeding Unit
Transfer Belt Unit
Coating Unit


  • The main machine adopts three-roll coating method, the diameter of the rubberizing roller is 120mm, the diameter of the measuring roller is 90mm, the diameter of the pressure roller is 120mm, and the surface of the surface coating is free of grain and orange peel.
  • The main motor uses a variable frequency speed control motor. Stable performance.
  • Large-size touch screen control operation is simpler and more convenient, and one-button boot can save operation time.
  • The 650-type automatic medium-sized paper feeder is equipped with Zhejiang Jucheng Feida head, which is stable and reliable.
  • Unique bottom roller automatic cleaning system, double oil pan device, the lower roller is immersed in the small oil pan during operation, which can effectively clean the lower roller to prevent oil drying during shutdown.
  • The bridge part adopts a suction device to prevent the paper from being skewed.
  • Use double fuel tank for oil supply. Configure the agitator pump. Varnish is separated from dumb oil. Reduce cleaning work when changing oil.
  • Conveyor belt with Teflon mesh belt, the following is equipped with suction system to make the paper smoother. Equipped with mesh belt automatic correction system
  • Standard configuration of 6 IR lamps and one UV lamp. The temperature measuring probe is installed in the oven, and the temperature is controlled during operation. It can effectively save electricity and is equipped with an automatic temperature control system.
  • The delivery machine runs independently and uses pneumatic paper.


Max Sheet Size 620 x 760 mm
Min Sheet Size 340 x 290 mm
Sheet Weight 80-500g/m2
Speed 0-40m/min
Power 13.5Kw
UV Lamp 1pcs x 6.5Kw
IR Lamp 3pcs x 1.2Kw
Weight 1500kg
Dimension 5500 mm x 1180 mm x 1232 mm

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