Auto CCD Screen Printing Machine


This auto screen printing machine is widely used for adhesive papers, credit card, ceramic decal papers, membrane switch, heat transfer films, transfer papers, and also suit for the high precision printing on anh other paper card, thin metal sheet, PCV etc.


  • Full automatic system, with auto loading and unloading device for improving production yield rate.
  • PLC programming, touching screen, simple to operate, easy to use.
  • LED Control panel is available for any position by rotating the hunger, easy to operate.
  • CCD auto-alignment system ensure accurate printing, the aligning accuracy within +0.01mm, to provide excellent function.
  • Top servo motors drive printing fast and smooth, stable and quiet.
  • Multi-valued image processing.
  • Machine components top configuration.
  • Anti-static bar and anti-dust rollers is optional.
  • Fault self-detection system with emergency switch and safety protection, and alarm light, etc.

Operation Mode:

  • The material is loaded manually on activity platform and transferred onto print table in home position.
  • After detection by the CCD camera the material is positioned with the highest precision.
  • The print table moves into the print station, then the print process starts automatically.
  • The print table moves back to home position.
  • The material is then taken off print table automatically by manipulator.


Model YKP5070-CCD Air Source 0.5-0.8Mpa
Max. Printing Area 500 x 700 mm Air Consumption 15L/min
Table Size 600 x 800 mm Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Max Screen Frame 750 x 1080 mm Power consumption 5.5 Kw
Capacity 500Pcs/h Mechanical Repeatability 0.01 mm
Stacking Height 300 mm Printing Accuracy ≤5um
Work-Piece Thickness 0.1-2 mm Machine Dimension L x W x H:3500 x 1100 x 2050 mm
Worktable Displacement ± 5 mm Machine Weight 950KG
Printing Heads
Unloading Device
Anti Double Cylinder
Anti-Dust Rollers
Lonizing Air Blower
High Precision Camera Printing
Industrial Computer
Top Servo Motor
All Machines are belongs to TAOXING.

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